Service : Oil and Gas

Discipline : Detail Design

Client : Saudi Aramco

Project Description :

SaudConsult full involved in Yanbu Gas Plant Expansion as a Consortium (SSJ) with SNC- Lavalin & Jacobs Engineering

Major Scope Items are as follows:

1- A new third Deethanizer system to include:

Deethanizer Column. Pre-Heater.

Overhead Condensers.

O/H  Condenser  Refrigeration  System

Including Compressor (Steam turbine) and associated facilities .


Reflux Pumps.

Associated support Facilities.

2- Tray modifications to the existing RVP column.

3- One new HP Boiler.

4- One Boiler Feedwater Pump.

5- One Deaerator Feedwater Pump.

6- Blowdown Drum / Pump for Deethanizer Column system

7- Extension of all existing utilities to the new unit.

8- Electrical Infrastructure to include:

Modifications at Substation 510

A new unit substation (fed from Sub 331)

9- Instrumentation and Control Systems to include:

Additional DCS Hardware

A new ESD System

A Vibration Monitoring System

Compressor Control Systems

H2S and LEL Detection

Gas Chromatographs and Analyzers

Expansion of Existing Fin/Fan Control System

A Boiler Management System

Field Instrumentation and support systems

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